Laura Misch at Norfolk and Norwich Festival

The Norfolk and Norwich Festival Spiegeltent often throws up surprises: tonight was the first time I’ve seen a crowd sit on the floor for a song.

That they did so at the request of singer and saxophonist Laura Misch was testament to her connection with the audience and her infectious good humour.

Laura Misch at Norfolk and Norwich Festival
Laura Misch at Norfolk and Norwich Festival

With a beaming smile she delivered a series of dreamy soundscapes in partnership with MarysiaOsu on harp and Tomáš Kašpar on guitar. It was MarysiaOsu’s phenomenal harp bass, hyped up reverb, that encouraged the floor sitting.

As well as the sit down sound – “power naps are the best” – we got spirited oos to reflect the coldness of the water during Wild Swim, and she did her best not to collapse in laughter during encore track Lagoon, with its unintentionally suggestive lyrics. Misch was clearly having fun.

She is undoubtedly a talented musician, demonstrated especially on one track that featured overlaid saxophone riffs that build to a melodious wall of sound.

Despite their sonic purity the tracks did lack a little personality, with some lyrics not as well-constructed as the music and too much similarity between songs.

It was a strangely relaxed piece of programming for the festival’s final Friday night, but fun all the same.