Vincent Gambini - Photo: Hugo Glendinning

This stunning, intimate, close-up show was definitely magic – whatever its title claimed.

Performed by Vincent Gambini to a gathering of around 70 people in a condensed arena in the heart of the Speigeltent this was a charming and breath-taking show.

Gambini was in no hurry to get started, with his softly-voiced patter pervading the whole show and (mis)leading us through a series of classic tricks. It’s a gentle show and all the more powerful for it.

Allusions to Derren Brown and David Copperfield, as well as Gambini’s own history, peppered the chat but what really caught the attention was the sleight-of-hand magic.

Whether making a coin appear from thin air or finding not one, but every card from a shuffled deck in sequence, these were tricks that left you doubting your own eyes. A masterclass in controlled, precise, and delightful magic: there were more than few squeals from amazed and excited audience members.

The only thing that marred the performance was the seating arrangements, with poor visibility past the second row. While providing an intimate experience for a financially viable audience is tricky, this type of magic really does need to be seen to be believed.