The opening event for the Norfolk & Norwich Festival’s temporary “speakeasy” venue was a joyous touching tale of man versus beast.

The beast in question though was not the titular rat – at least not only that – but also the animals inside that we can carry, and which can have such impact on those around us.

Rosa Torr gave a captivating hour-long rendition of her self-penned story about her father’s obsession with a rat that has invaded her family’s house.

The sub-text however is her dad’s drinking and the effect that has had over decades, and his decision to give up that demon as he battles his new nemesis.

There are some delicious verbal images – Jonny Vegas in tap shoes is one that will stay with me a while – and nice voice work as a small coterie of characters comes to life in the intimate new venue.

The YouTube and iPad references are funny but seem slightly anachronistic for a 2015 start date, but no harm in taking a little licence.

A great kick off for this new strand.