People standing in an old court room in the Guidhall

This quirky guided tour of one of Norwich’s oldest buildings mixes history with performance, giving a light-hearted look at the city’s Guildhall.

The Grade I listed building was built at the beginning of the 15th century and has served many purposes, from merchant’s hall to courts to seat of local government to cafe and crystal shop. Today it is the home of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, but the tour gives an insight into all its previous guises.

Particularly impressive are the two court rooms and the mayor’s room, which are remarkably intact, with carvings and furniture that have seen many sights.

The basement cells and crypt dungeon tell their stories more explicitly, with some fruity graffiti from as recent as 1983, and other more historic markings scraped into the bricks across the centuries.

The title refers to one of the staircases down from the courts, where each tread is different – supposedly to make it more difficult to make a quick escape. It’s certainly disorientating.

The tour is delivered exceptionally playfully by two turquoise gown bedecked ‘Wayfinders’ offering some tongue in cheek explanations of the building, as well as some more factual commentary.

It’s an enjoyable exploration of a grand building, with an entertaining Festival twist.