Replica of an 1950s Antarctic hut

In a world of multiplexes, films on phones, and on any number of other devices why not watch one in a replica 1950s Antarctic scientists hut?

This Story Machine production offers just that unique opportunity, with a film combining archive footage with a poem cum documentary focused on the history of Deception Island.

This intriguingly named place is a caldera – a depression formed by volcanic eruption and collapse – and consists of a roughly circular ridge encompassing a calm bay on the edge of Antarctica. Once the site of intense whale hunting, it later become predominantly a scientific research base (as well as one of the opportunities for territorial disputes between Britain, claiming it as part of the Falklands, and Argentina.)

The 30 minute film poem eschews the political and instead explorers the sometimes conflict between man and nature, as well as the battle between the fierce black volcanic rock and surrounding and encroaching see.

We also experience something of the isolation of the scientific explorers, and the oddities of life at the end of a supply line.

It’s a charming and idiosyncratic experience quite unlike any other, both educational and enigmatic.

  • Most showings are sold out; check with the box office for returns. The Norfolk & Norwich Festival runs from 13-29 May 2022. For more information visit