This showcase from a talented young company proved something of an embarrassment of riches.

Featuring a cast of 12 performers from around the world, it consisted of three very different dance pieces.

The opening Terms and Conditions mixed spoken voice with sporadic movement in a hybrid of Just A Minute and Twister, before shifting into several disjointed sequences.

Despite the six dancers’ evident ability and technical prowess, the attempt to force so much into the choreography weakened the impact.

It was a sharp contrast with the breathtaking simplicity of middle piece Sin.

Dancers Prince Lyons and Minouche Van de Ven swept, slithered, and shimmered through Damien Jalet and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s short movement.

De Ven appeared featherlight, insinuating herself round Lyons, and then powerful, even deadly. Their fierce harmony was the highlight of the night.

The final, full cast, piece Sama again suffered slightly from over packing – while a stilt-walking sequence allowed the troupe to literally “ape” the movement and put their range on record it felt more like another dance class checkbox ticked than an integral part of a story.

Rambert have a knack for finding the crop of young dancers and this is an exceptional group of athletes. Individually and collectively they are a pleasure to watch.

It would be great to see their confidence reflected in a more singular approach to the choreography of the pieces chosen, that focuses on tickling us, not ticking off lists.