Circus Lates - Vendetta Vain

The world makes no sense at the moment, so the sometimes surreal world of Circus Lates is a perfect fit to these weird times.

Performed in the open-sided big top tent that is home to Norwich Theatre’s emergency Interlude season, the show presents an adult take on circus.

Traditional skills like hoop, hand stand, juggling, and tumbling are provided by members of Norwich’s own Lost In Translation Circus through a series of short vignette pieces backed by live music.

These culminate in the stunning Korean cradle, where the sheer heft of ringmaster Massimiliano Rossetti is matched with the seemingly delicate Roisin Morris, flying through the air in a breath-taking series of throws and catches.

Visiting performer Ian Marchant lives up to his ‘gentleman juggler’ soubriquet with a charming and silly routine that combines great coordination with daft visual puns.

The adult thread is provided by MC Abigail Collin’s spikey hosting, and guest artistes Sam Goodburn and Vendetta Vain.

Goodburn gave the front row more than an eyeful with this costume change atop a unicycle, skilfully swapping his gown for a suit while circling the stage and only occasionally letting go of his dignity.

Vain gave a cheesy twist to the classic burlesque striptease, with mini Babybels in place of nipple tassles, and an intriguingly placed grater.

If you need a break from the stress of these extraordinary times, you could do a lot worse than running away to this circus – if only for an hour.

  • Circus Lates returns on Monday, August 31, and Saturday, September 19. Tickets can be booked from Norwich Theatre.