Singer Kathryn Williams brought together her musical buddies, such as members of the Magic Numbers, at the Union Chapel in London to celebrate songwriting with a special concert.

Williams, who plays the Cambridge Junction tonight, helped organise the ‘Daylight’ concert on Saturday which included participants of songwriting retreats she has run at Arvon Foundation centres in Devon and West Yorkshire and the Moniack Mhor centre in Scotland.

The event brought together songwriters from around the country

After the gig which included Michelle and Romeo Stoddart of the Magic Numbers, David Ford, Neill MacColl and the Mull Historical Society, Williams told me: “We got everyone together and brought a bit of love and kindness into this world which is what we need right now.”

Eliza Squire, assistant centre director at the Arvon in Devon, said: “There is something about the collaborative nature of songwriting that lends itself to Arvon courses.”

Michelle and Romeo Stoddart of the Magic Numbers
Singer songwriter Emma Carr Martin took a course at the Scottish centre

Michelle Stoddart said: “I feel very moved by the event and it filled me up like hug.”

Jess Tuthill, who went to an Arvon course in Devon, said: “Its been a unique experience. I saw Kathryn playing Union Chapel 17 years ago and never in my life would I have believed I would be playing at Union Chapel.”

Jess Tuthill went to a course with tutors Williams and Michelle Stoddart
Alastair Nash and Rosa Rankin-Gee performed a song written at Arvon course