Me and Robin Hood

This performance is certainly in a fitting venue, with the Norfolk & Norwich Festival opening the door to the normally hidden former court room in the Shirehall, the city’s centre of justice for 166 years.

Shôn Dale-Jones weaves an apparently auto-biographical tale of his own brushes with the law with a childhood obsession with Robin Hood, urging us to consider money – and our society’s fascination with it – as a story like any other.

Dale-Jones is a consummate performer: relaxed, engaging, personable. But as the tale unfolds contradictions and untruths become apparent; a device that makes for wrenching dramatic twists, but his untrustworthiness as a story teller undermines his parabolic intentions.

We trust in the story of money because we believe in that promise to deliver on demand; if we can’t believe his words, how can we believe his alternate vision?