The Voice Project

This premiere of several pieces spanned three churches in the centre of Norwich, in the type of promenade performance that has become synonymous with the Voice Project choir.

The demeanour was studied and slightly dour, all funeral dress and blank expressions.

The vocals in St George’s and St Peter Hungate were superb from both the soloists (Lisa Cassidy, Sianed Jones, Sian Croose, Jeremy Avis and Jonathan Baker) and the 100-plus choir, but there wasn’t much joy to lift a cold winter’s night.

A move to the United Reform Church saw a shift in tone with the ecclesiastical tradition giving way to hints of jazz and musical theatre, and a more upbeat edge with renewed capacity to surprise.

Previous shows have made better use of their unique surroundings.

Here the changing venues proved more distraction than enhancement; a single location might have given a better platform for the undoubted talent of the performers.