The Voice Project

The ringing out of Cathedral bells signalled the beginning of the main segment of this latest Voice Project performance.

Sandwiched been hourly shorter pieces from midday to midnight, the 9pm slot had a massed choir promenading through the cloisters: surrounding, lurking behind, and infiltrating the audience.

The Project has developed a distinct style, and where it works best it really takes advantage of the site to combine accomplished vocals and the atmosphere and architecture of the venue.

There were some practical issues with this one-off show: the mechanics of getting meandering people in seemed to knock the timing off, leading to conflicts with the clock’s quarterly chimes; and the bulk of the audience muffled the finale in the cloisters.

But Jonathan Baker and Sian Croose’s choir is talented and well drilled, and By Prediction and the reprise of Eternity Is Like A Ring, with the twilight fast fading on the face of the splendour of the Cathedral, were indisputably moving; enough to make you want to wind back and enjoy it all over again.