The Horne Section

There’s one word that overwhelming sums up the comedy of The Horne Section: daft.

This was not the gig for bittersweet comic truths, intense and involved meta routines, or even – to be honest – big belly laughs. But it was one that overflowed with froth, silly jokes, and gentle giggles.

Led by Alex Horne, most recently finding fame as Taskmaster co-host, the six piece band are talented musicians who are perhaps a little wasted with the material on offer; they are definitely comfortable with it, with all the routines familiar from previous gigs and TV outings.

The jokes are thin, whether a riff on the improbable glamour of Scottish Widows or an impossibly extended version of Bill Wither’s Lovely Day, but are delivered with enough cheek to get away with it at least one more time – but they will need to change their tune soon to avoid falling flat in the future.