Sarah Kendall

This was a gig that could have been created just for Norwich: a storytelling comedian who not only delivered a great set, but asked for notes too.

Australian Kendall skilfully weaved a series of stories about Halley’s Comet, autism, doing cartwheels on the beach, and the folly of packing a cat in a backpack into a striking, moving, and rewarding over-arching narrative, repeatedly coming back to the idea that good and bad luck are two sides of the same coin.

Her manner is relaxed and discursive, seemingly just spinning old yarns about her family, but the second half – where she workshopped further stories for an upcoming radio show – revealed the truth of her precisely-honed approach, anguishing over individual words.

The audience in this city of literature lapped it up; the chance to give comic pointers seemingly just as enjoyable as being entertained with the stories themselves.