Jon Richardson

This, says Jon Richardson, is a three-cardigan gig.

It’s a fitting metaphor for the two-hour set, which is both comfortable – hairdressers, parenting, and married life are hardly radical source material – but still capable of surprise, as Richardson throws in some genuinely creative lines.

With another sold-out night to go in Norwich I don’t want to spoil the jokes but a nagging feeling about an empty cupboard translating to ‘Schrödinger’s Jaffa Cakes’ is an example of his deft touch, and his riff on touring life feels more genuinely personal than some comics’ tales.

The material has an edge that you might not predict from his TV work on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, but without the abrasiveness of comedians who shock just for kicks.

This is a pure new wool garment, immaculately stitched, and cut just right.