Over-reacting actors in a publicity shot for The Play That Went Wrong

The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society is putting on a 1920s murder mystery – but nothing goes to plan in this theatrical farce from Mischief Theatre.

There are mishaps and mayhem galore as the company battle with the script, the set, and seriously out of step sound cues to put on their play within the play, all delivered tongue-in-cheek and with split-second precision by this actually very talented bunch of actors.

The conceit is kept tight and the action even tighter, hurtling through large amounts of slapstick and wordplay as the pretend production descends into chaos.

Alastair Kirton and Patrick Warner give star turns, although Nigel Hook’s misbehaving set is a rival for top billing.

It’s a deliciously funny show, keeping the audience laughing near constantly over two hours.

Tickets are limited for the rest of the run; everything else might go wrong, but getting a seat will be a surefire success.