Get The Blessing

This second night of jazz in Chapelfield Gardens took a slightly edgier route, with four-piece outfit Get The Blessing showcasing material from their five albums.

Their stage presence is retiringly low key, with bass guitarist Jim Barr skulking as far back as possible – which given his size isn’t very effective.

Trumpeter Pete Judge’s height is also a challenge, thanks to his distracting bobbing up and down to fiddle with effects peddles, something even the superbly tuned lighting couldn’t overcome.

Barr joked that the band like to think of their pieces as soundtracks to fake movies, and they are certainly evocative, emotionally diverse, and of box office quality. Stand-in drummer Matt Brown is a clear a star too, resembling the Muppet’s Animal thrashing away in the corner with expert skill.

A confident, stylish, and well produced show.