You would be stretching things rather a lot to say David O’Doherty cuts an imposing figure.

In baseball cap and jacket and carrying a battery-powered keyboard, he almost sneaks on to the stage at the start of his three-night residency at Norwich Playhouse.

This low key, lo-fi, appearance belies a smart and very targeted comedic approach, wrapped in a warm patina as inviting as his teddy bear beard.

Apparent throwaway lines cover serious topics like the medical impact of smoking, the vulnerability of the elderly to internet scams, and fading memories of the brutality of the past allowing the false, fascistic, conjuring of golden eras. But what you’ll notice most is that you don’t stop laughing.

Combined with his trademark songs mocking unlikely targets like Grand Designs and Shakira, and you have an evening like no other: immensely enjoyable and deceptively enlightening.