This tense and thoughtful play, rooted in ancient Greek myth, is given a tender handling by the Theatre Royal’s youth company.

The remnants of Oedipus’ family mourns the death of his two sons, and sister Antigone (Daisy den Engelse) rails against the edict of her uncle king Creon (Sam Ings) that one brother will be denied burial rights – on threat of death.

These two rule the production, their arguments on family, fidelity, and felicity, delivered with convincing passion and startling physicality.

Imogen Fitzgerald as sister Felicity, Christopher Sainton-Clark as fiancé Haemon, and Kyla Harwood, Jade Causton and Ruby Pinner as the chorus, provide robust support.

The self-reflective and ponderous nature of the text could have left it dry and remote, but Jo Reil’s direction brings a rich and engaging story to the fore.