This twisting tale of a couple’s relationship is more a series of vignettes than a cohesive play – though the story does thread through them all – making it a perfect showcase for the 14-strong cast.

Performed by the Theatre Royal’s Youth Company, Love & Money focuses on the decaying relationship between teacher David (a tightly knotted Sam Ings) and Jess (an all-too believable Eve Woods), a free spirit, trapped by capitalism.

Along the way we get a beautifully-delivered two-hander from Jess’ parents (Lea Igali and Brannigan Harvey), a well-mannered couple on the outside but disturbingly broken just beneath the surface; a superbly choreography and seamlessly executed group piece from five femme fatale financiers – scheming, conniving but ultimately guilt-ridden; a sexually-charged cash hungry boss (Molly Cutter); and a seedy pub encounter (a creepy Jack Reynolds and a dumb but dangerous Alex Bannon). Hero Bain and Declan Matwij support as an emailing provocateur and spineless spiv respectively.

Jo Reil’s direction keeps things bouncing along, with a 90-minute straight through run feeling shorter than many professional pieces.

The play’s moralising on debt is a little heavy handed but there is some good story telling here and some fine performances. Give it some love and give it some money.