Lera Lynn

There are times when the Spiegeltent tent tingles: listening and watching to Lera Lynn was one of those times.

Standing mid-stage as a perfect femme fatale – flanked by her band-come-henchman in matching striped jackets – you could just as easily imagine Lynn seducing you as strangling you with a guitar string, all the time keeping perfect tune.

Her music mixes country, rock, blues and even – in a surprising encore – a little bit of barbershop, but the thing that unites it is her sonorous voice and effortless delivery.

She shot to popularity as the voice of HBO series True Detective but there is much more to her than just televisual mood dressing; this is proper honest talent.

Featuring tracks from her new album Resistor – released on her own label – plus her previous two recordings and TV appearances, this was an accomplished performance across a 90 minute set – and one of those special festival moments.