They said it couldn’t (shouldn’t?) be done – but they’ve only gone and put David Hasselhoff in a musical. And it’s come to Norwich.

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life – mostly set in 90s Ibiza clubland – also features Shane Richie Junior (me neither), sets created in Gorleston (really), and costumes designed by former Page 3 stunna Linda Lusardi (I’m honestly not making this up).

It’s a surreal show from beginning to end: half Hoff biopic, half cautionary tale about drink and drug excess, and half excuse for David just to belt out some of his favourite tunes. (The dayglo outfits and strobe lighting may have made me lose count there.)

The plotline is an unlikely tale of daddy-daughter reunion, torrid romances, and red swim shorts that frankly isn’t much worth troubling with, serving as it does as just the thinnest of reasons for the songs.

Stephanie Webber carries the show musically as the Hoff’s daughter, with decent vocals from Emily Penny and Natalie Amanda Gray. Richie Junior bares a close resemblance to a starved Johnnie Vegas and is stronger in his comic moments than in his crooning. For comedy though, it is Tam Ryan doing his best Manuel impression that brings in the biggest laughs.

And The Hoff? Well, he’s just The Hoff.

The show features songs from such musical luminaries as Rick Astley, Yazz, Adamski, Technotronic, and – naturally – the Venga Boys with their anthemic We’re Going to Ibiza.

If that’s what gets your glow sticks going then you’re probably going to love this show; if you’ve no idea who any of those are then this is your chance to find out what a trip is like, safe in the plush seats of the Theatre Royal.

It makes little sense, it’s amazing that it ever made it to the stage, but somehow still ends up being bafflingly enjoyable. I’ve not come out of the theatre with a bigger smile for some time: pump up the volume!