Standing outside of a disused furniture store on a cold December night waiting for Klanghaus to start, those discarded Christmas party invitations might start to be tempting –  but this music and art cross over show from Norwich band The Neutrinos and long-term artist collaborator Sal Pittman is worth freezing your arts off for.

Inside you are teased though a series of rooms with Alice in Wonderland decoration – miniature beds, wooden chairs half swallowed up by concrete floors, telephones spotlighted beckoningly on walls – and projected films and unexpected art, while opportunely seduced with music from the band as they promenade too: sometimes with you, sometimes against you, sometimes entirely for themselves.

At times it feels like stumbling into a series of live music video: a drummer and guitarist trapped in an office and forced to play; a woodland scene where saws become bowstrings; a giant ballroom where lazy Americana drifts to your ears as effortlessly as the light dances over the tarnished walls.

For all this to be found on Muspole Street, in the dark, in winter, is a true box of delights.