Broken Back

Just one week on from Eurovision, how much thirst would Norfolk have for French electro-pop act Broken Back?

Not much, judging by the rather select crowd that started off this Saturday night Spiegeltent gig – but in the end it was the audience that made the evening.

With many as elegantly attired as any French fashionista they were determined to have good time, and singer-songwiter Jérôme Fagnet was the man who had to give it to them.

A one-time entrepreneur whose vertebrae trouble led to an extended period of rest and song writing as a release, Broken Back’s songs are at the upper end of Europop but still lacking that je ne sais quoi that would make them full on anthems. Fagnet played guitar as well as singing on most, although the more impressive musicianship came from percussionist Sam – who also gained the lion’s share of audience appreciation.

But it’s one of the quirks of the Spiegeltent as a venue that with the right crowd anything can work, and the evening ended up transcending its rather humble promise. A fun evening, but the audience deserved the applause as much as the artist.