Billed as an exploration of migration, the nature of belonging, and the fleeting nature of our surroundings, this unusual production took the audience from the auditorium of Epic Studios through impromptu performances spaces in Anglia Square, St Augustine’s, and the surrounding streets.

Performed by Ipswich-based Tilted Productions I’m not sure the production had quite the narrative arc the programme suggests, consisting instead of a series of vignettes visually linked by the use of vinyl records and cardboard boxes as props for the dancers to work through.

And there were some delightful spectacles here: the ‘factory’ workers producing and packing the records until the process went haywire; dozens of albums spinning across the studio floor; two giant figures, conjured out of multiple boxes, charmingly and individually puppeteered; two dancers moving around each other, always pinning a disc in place between their bodies as they contorted or waltzed around.

Appearing randomly in Anglia Square had its own delights too, with startled shoppers bemused by the unexpected theatre and unwittingly become part of the show.

Did it prompt me to think about migration and belonging? Not really. Was it a delightful and enjoyable spectacle, beautifully choreographed and performed? Absolutely.