Richard Dedomenici

Norfolk has played the background for many movies but what would those films be like if the Hollywood stars were replaced with local people, and the army-like production teams replaced by one man and a slightly battered camcorder?

Comedian, performer and now film maker Richard DeDomenici has the answer with his Redux Project, which recreates films shot by shot in their original location but with slightly different production values.

As part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, DeDomenici was commissioned by Norwich Arts Centre to reimagine box office smash Avengers: Age of Ultron, part of which was filmed at the University of East Anglia.

In his new version, premiered tonight, the stunning backdrop of the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts is the same but everything else is different – and much more charming than the slick superhero original.

Delivered alongside another Norwich recreation, this time from Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, and some of his previous work, DeDomenici crafts a geekily entertaining evening which is to film what Adam Buxton’s Bug is to music videos.