This is an awfully big adventure – a sequel to Peter Pan.

Written and directed by the Theatre Royal’s own David Lambert, this ambitious musical production features a giant cast of 300 performers from the theatre’s youth company.

In his farewell performance for the group, Joe Derbyshire is a fantastic booming and mean Captain Hook, resurrecting his battle with the ever-sprightly Peter, played by Sam Todd – and yes, he can still fly.

Molly Cook is the now grown-up Wendy, resolutely earth-bound and with a houseful of children, including her own two daughters (Francesca Ali and Savannah Grey).

There is great comedy from several quarters, but noticeably Ali Hunt as Slinker, Hannah Banyard as Molly Molloy, and Declan Matwu as Chief Little Panther. Alex Bannon is a perfectly sulky Tinkerbell, with a good voice to boot.

With such a big cast some of the dance numbers overwhelm, but Cat Chapman’s choreography really shines in numbers like It’s A Nightmare, Good Form, and the expertly executed Seasick – so great to have a live band too.

The staging is bold, pacey and boisterous throughout. Nothing lags and gags tumble nicely over each other.The ending is hokum, but then this is Peter Pan, so it really must be the best thing ever.