Peter Pan Goes Wrong

There’s a special belly laugh reserved for watching things go horribly wrong – and this show has belly laugh moments in spades.

Missed cues, random explosions, a mass brawl between the actors, and badly behaving wigs are just some of the mishaps that befall the Cornly Polytechnic Drama Society as they try to put on an inventive new production of Peter Pan.

In reality those on stage are a highly talented crew that don’t miss a trick, with spot-on slapstick running from start to finish through this high-energy production.

Alex Bartram is brilliant as the dashing Pan, with Laurence Pears leading from the front as the ‘serious’ director and Hook. The rest of this tight cast excel too, but there was special audience affection for Matt Cavendish as the put-open Max and Harry Kershaw as the narrator.

This is proper, rip-roaring, stupendously silly fun that gets everything right.