Mark Watson

Mark Watson thinks he’s flawed; his performance at the Norwich Playhouse suggests a lot of comic virtue.

With an easy, conversational style the comedian and novelist takes the audience through his experiences as an ever-more challenged father, his flirtations with alcohol, and his embarrassing moment switching urinals mid-flow.

The show is far from scatological though with wit and wordplay the order of the day, but it is an honest and at times raw performance. Watson’s near-meltdown at a Thomas the Tank Engine party is brought vividly to life, as is society’s odd relationship with the idea of crazy.

But this is at heart an uplifting show, celebrating what it is to be alive – and especially our triumph over the non-thumb-wielding animal kingdom. For all the flaws the human race remains an impressive, and Mark Watson is definitely not a run of the treadmill comedian – as his unconventional opening routine proves.