Christmas Eve and lots of creatures are stirring, as the Feddington players battle through a chaotic and emotional radio production of Dickens’s Christmas Carol.

Ringmaster and station chief is Jeff Price, as Clifton Feddington, a totally convincing booming warm radio voice. He slowly loses control as the stiffly composed but slightly insane celebrity actor William St Claire (Rob Fradley-Wilde) breaks into King Lear; sharp-shoed former salesman Fritz (a wonderfully sleazy Dan Price) tries to flog his wares; Cholly Butts (a downtrodden Robert Little) pollutes the microphones with his toilet habits; and the sound effects gurus (Chad Mason and Wendy Atkinson) try hilariously to keep the show going.

There is great musical accompaniment from Gabby Onyett, Angela Rowe, Ruth Bennett and Rachel Price, and an especially warming solo from Sarah Carton.

The play itself is a little confused — a curate’s egg of social commentary, satire, and farce. Director Robert Little and the broad talents of the cast hold it together. It’s an interesting and unusual piece, and a fitting sign off to the festive period.