Mixing magic and technology can be a risk: while an audience always knows it is being hoodwinked, camera trickery makes it a little too easy.

Jamie Allan walks that tightrope well, blending traditional illusions with modern technology.

Some of the tricks — like an ‘art show’ using four iPads — are skilfully performed if not that striking in terms of the trick itself, but a premonition illusion that sees the predicted parts harvested from Twitter, Facebook and audience texts is an impressive twist on a familiar favourite.

The same goes for Allan’s version of sawing an assistant in half — the trick has been done thousands of times but in his version, it’s with a lazer.

The production is slick and energetic, with the Theatre Royal auditorium feeling more like a nightclub at times, but the most impressive illusions remain the simplest: a deck of cards and sleight of hand.

His signature trick turning out shuffled cards to the lyrics of Sting’s Shape Of My Heart is gloriously crafted, and you can’t beat the feeling of bafflement when you see a chosen card pop to the top of a deck before your eyes.

The best technology, like the best tricks, leave you with a sense of wonder. Allan’s act ticks both boxes.