This tour is called Lifehunter, but it felt more like Roisin Conaty was searching for her voice.

There were some sharp moments, but too often she seemed to be stumbling over her words and referring back to a set list of routines to work through.

These were an odd mix of different tempos and styles of comedy: observational jokes about the noises people make sat next to a quick, improvised comment about Norwich’s Lord Mayor being like Gatsby because none of the audience knew who he is.

The show is ostensibly about her search for happiness, but this was really a theme that seldom surfaced.

She only seemed to find her stride during the more personal routines: a childhood encounter between her mother and pornography, and an unfortunate meeting of genitals and chillies. These honest yet absurdist yarns got easily the best laughs.

Conaty has wit and presence but at least on this evidence, she needs to hone her act to really let the good stuff shine through.