Dave Gorman

Why do a certain mobile phone manufacturer’s adverts always show the same time? This and dozens of other oddities of the modern world are some of the unlikely topics for Dave Gorman’s Powerpoint Presentation, the internet-loving comedian’s latest show.

Playing to a sell-out Norwich Playhouse crowd, Gorman used all the techniques office-dwellers are forced to deal with on a daily basis: there were graphs, there were unnecessary animations, there were odd sounds – all on a very big screen. But most of all there were laughs.

This is witty, entertaining comedy that takes your brain out for a walk and tricks it in to a brisk run – and it turns out exercise really does release endorphins.

Gorman tilts at the idiocy of marketing, the preconceptions that govern our relationships with each other and between nations, and what foodstuffs do odd things to your excretions (luckily the last one didn’t get the full Powerpoint treatment).

He does so with an easy manner that makes him eminently likeable, even when tackling – with some force – an audience member who had left their phone on and went for a wee mid-show. He even makes an unlikely Twitter-based alliance with Jim Davidson.

If only that damn animated paperclip had made all Powerpoint presentations as good as this one.