Richard Herring

I’ve never been to a gig at the Playhouse before with a police presence, but Richard Herring has stirred the ire of Christians with this revival of his first one-man show.

Those protesting tonight seemed of the meek inheriting sort, but apparently others have been more threatening. Does the show deserve such a response?

Herring certainly pokes fun at Christianity, but his target is generally more the bureaucracy of religion than faith itself. He explores glaring factual flaws in the Bible, areas that only the most literal-minded of believers could take issue with.

But more importantly – at least from a reviewer’s point of view – he is very, very funny.

The jokes are packed in tight; the humour is wry, intelligent and irreverent.

It is also quite affectionate, something that might sound odd given the taboo topics: Jesus’ genealogy, the mysterious disappearance of the gold, frankincense and myrrh and the cannibalistic possibilities of transubstantiation all get an outing.

He’s not the messiah. He’s not even a very naughty boy. He’s a talented comedian, and this show is well worth seeing.