Kiss Marry Kill - Photo courtesy Norwich Theatre

Adventurous theatre lovers in Norwich can experience three shows in usual locations as part of a move to experience drama in different ways.

Norwich Theatre’s Beyond strand includes a show at a medieval hospital and two hosted in shipping containers, with the productions’ staging featuring twists beyond their unusual locations.

Kiss Marry Kill is being performed at the Great Hospital in Bishopgate from May 16 to 19, but unlike a typical show, the performance takes place around the audience with no set stage area.

The large cast, including musicians and those with lived experiences of life in prisons, create an immersive atmosphere with movement and music that explores the forbidden and intimate love between two prison inmates. Based on a true story, the story follows two men who commit homophobic murders, before incredibly fall in love and seeking permission to marry,

Seance by Darkfield - Photo courtesy Norwich Theatre
Seance by Darkfield – Photo courtesy Norwich Theatre

Theatre company Darkfield will perform two shows in shipping containers outside The Forum from June 5 to 16, using complete darkness and advanced sound technology to create an immersive narrative that is imagined, not seen.

Séance is for the lovers of thrillers, ghosts and adrenaline, transporting the audience into a Victorian séance room with 360-degree sound and sensory effects.

Arcade! explores the virtual world of retro video games, with attendees allocated their very own 1980s arcade machine and invited to choose their own avatar and route through a world ravaged by war.